Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween-Day 31

Happy Halloween

Todays drawing is an homage to the day as well as the wonderful prickly pears in my garden.  I think that to do them justice one needs to draw them regularly.  I thank you all for following this journey that that Pamela Lee and I have been on for the month of October.  It has been such a treat to share this experience with my good friend as well as each of you and I so appreciate all the comments, observations and words of encouragement from all of you.  Thanks.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Back Gate-Day 30

My Back Gate
I love all the gates and interesting doors that are a part of my Arizona house.  I have always wanted to try and capture them in a drawing and it wasn't until today that I had the courage to try.  Arizona is so full of life and color especially where you least expect it.    

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Space and Gesture-Day 29

Space and Gesture
Today's drawing is about gesture and the space around an object.  There is a very different feel to an image depending on the placement of the image in space.  This object seems to be hugging the left side of the page as well as searching for the light.

Space 2-Day 28

Space 2
Today I was working with the space around 3 pots, below the pots and above the pots as well as the various shapes created by the space.  I wonder what an ant would do with all this space and nooks and crannies?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Space 1-Day 27

Space 1
Today was an experimental day.  A good friend suggested/requested that I play around with objects or things in space so this is my attempt at doing so.  Will stay with this idea for the next few drawings and see what evolves.  This idea has endless possibilities playing with shapes and color.

Lemon or Lime-Day 26

Lemon or Lime

Upon arriving at the house in AZ I was thrilled to see that my "lemon" tree was in full bloom with lots of fruit on it.  They say it is a lemon tree but the fruit sure looks like a lime to me.  Now to cook with these gorgeous limes!!!

Black Pot-Day 25

Black Pot
This is a drawing I did as an extra before leaving Tahoe as I knew that on this day I would not be able to draw after driving all day.  The geraniums are still hanging in on the deck as fall descends all around.